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  The Ahh Ha Moment of Travel Protection!  

Back about 25 years ago (wow...has it been that long?), when I used to travel with my husband and kids we, never purchased travel protection. We didn’t need it. We were in our 20’s. We were going on that vacation "no matter what"! Most of the time we took cruises because it was the biggest bang for our buck traveling as a family. We lived in Florida....we didn’t need to worry about any weather issues...after all, we weren’t traveling during hurricane season!

We traveled a lot with a friend, her husband and children. She would always say to me, "did you purchase travel protection?" Well, I told her the same thing I told our travel agent..."We were going on that vacation no matter what!" My friend said "for the few dollars it is, you are crazy NOT to get it. Anything can happen!"

Fast forward a few years. This same friend was scheduled to go on a cruise with her husband and children. She was home packing while her husband decided to go out and get a bite to eat with his cousin. On his way home he got in a major car accident and was in intensive care for months. Since my friend was on her game and DID buy their travel protection, they were fully covered, and their vacation investment money was not lost. 

Moral of the story: Anything can happen! 

Yes, I do buy vacation travel protection. I don’t even think twice about it.


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